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Steps to take as threat level increase | ZDNet

The UK’s security agency has told organizations of the steps to take to beef up their defenses “when the cyber threat is heightened” by zero-day software flaws or geopolitical tensions. 

NCSC’s list includes:
Check your system patching: Ensure your users’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices are all patched 

Verify access controls: Ask staff to ensure that their passwords are unique to your business systems and are not shared across other, non-business systems 

Ensure defenses are working: Check antivirus and firewalls 

Logging and monitoring: Understand what logging you have in place, where logs are stored, and for how long 

Review your backups: Confirm that your backups are running correctly 

Incident plan: Check your incident response plan is up to date 
Check your internet footprint: Perform an external vulnerability scan of your whole internet footprint 

Phishing response: Ensure that staff know how to report phishing emails 

Third-party access: Have a comprehensive understanding of what level of privilege is extended into your systems, and to whom 

NCSC services: Register for the Early Warning service, so that the NCSC can quickly inform you of any malicious activity 

Brief your wider organisation: Ensure that other teams understand the situation and the heightened threat


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