Yes, if you have a small team you can register your staff for the individual version. You do not get all the functionality nor the final report, but it is an option.

Yes, security is high on every business agenda so taking a proactive approach and doing the work up front will put you a step ahead of the other applicants.

Yes, this is a great idea and as the course can be completed as quickly as you like and certificate issued this will be easy to apply and start securing your business against threats.

Each version has the same content, though with the individual you can complete the course at your own pace and you do not get the report. Security is important for everyone, and we have tailored the individual version to meet small business to individual needs in learning about security.

It is essential that everyone who accesses the internet or has a door to lock should complete the Individual course to increase their safety and awareness of the different types of security risks. The programme covers everything from the basic concepts of security through to easy to understand and apply principles. The programmes have been created to cater to all levels of computer skills and capability.

Yes, the programme is very intuitive and easy to use for that reason. If you use social media platforms like Facebook or Trade Me you will not have an issue. CySEP wants everyone to learn about security and has designed the course for all levels of capability.

With the growing threats to businesses and the tighter legislation around privacy and data, the imperative to train staff in security is essential. CySEP is a well rounded course that covers all aspects of security and the actions to take to be more secure. Implementing CySEP as a part of your annual programme of staff development will increase your security, mitigate risk areas and also go towards increasing your insurance program.

The Individual version can be done as quickly as you would like and the Corporate version is paced out over an eight month period.

Yes, CySEP is designed to increase security awareness and competence. The initial programme will give you a benchmark with which to see improvements over time. In addition, as staff engage with the programme each year they will receive updates, new content and alerts, increasing knowledge, experience and awareness.

Yes from a staff education perspective. Your staff are your front line of defense against security threats and CySEP has been designed to create a well rounded programme that can run independently without support or input from a security manager. The programme covers all aspects of security education and is well rounded in covering physical security, privacy and sharing of data, online scams and much more. CySEP is the most comprehensive online training available globally that caters to all levels of capability.

The programme lightly touches briefly on the GDPR, though covers privacy, data and more. A full module on the GDPR is in the development plan for this year and will be available in 2023.

The Corporate version has a team functional with gamification built in to encourage engagement and participation. There is a real-time report that gives the current results that participants have completed to that point. The report highlights risk areas and pointers for increasing security in your business.

The quizes take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and reading the modules takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

No, the quizzes are inquiry based learning and reflect the information in the module, however, you may be more successful if you read the modules and be able to get enough points to receive the certification for successful completion.

NZ $24 per person for the entire course, which includes the certificate as well.

If you go to the ‘get an estimate’ form you will get a good idea of what it will cost your business.

The course is of value to all individuals that access the internet or work on devices. It is a well-rounded programme teaching security at all levels and topics that include concepts such as cyber bullying, online scams, online etiquette and much more. The recommended age for engaging in security learning is approximately 12 years of age.

No, CySEP is an engaging education using positivity and education to increase your businesses security resilience. The programme is not a test on how your staff understand security and risk, it is all about education  and engagement to apply what they are learning. We are a carrot not a stick endorser when it comes to learning and security.
Yes, CySEP has been created around international standards and covers all the various concepts around global security and education. It does not matter where you are in the world CySEP will build your security understanding, help you identify and mitigate risks, and give you a great baseline to start with your continuing journey.

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