CySEP is a cyber security game changer

Some of the biggest challenges facing business owners when it comes to cyber security training are both the impact it has on day to day workloads and the lack of interest in such a ‘dry’ subject. That’s where CySEP is a cyber security training game changer.
Easy Sign Up
Only takes 20 Minutes a Week (can be done faster)
Makes cyber security interesting and fun
It’s one of the best & cheapest insurance policies around!
By delivering bite sized and interesting chunks of cyber security training, not only does the course provide incredibly cost effective and manageable training, but the information isn’t a chore to work through. Crucial cyber security messages actually stick!
Unfortunately, cyber crime is here to stay and no individual or business is safe. Protect your business and respect your people by giving them the skills to defend you against a security event. Be proactive, not reactive!
It’s certainly a whole lot cheaper and less stressful.
If you’re an Australian business, there’s a 30% chance you will suffer a data breach this year. The average cost being AUD$3.3 million. Why so much? Believe it or not, fines make up the greater portion of the cost. CySEP costs are infinitesimally small compared to this; it’s the cheapest insurance policy you’ll ever buy!

Programme Options

Corporate Version

CySEP is designed to create a fun and engaging education programme for security. The ‘Corporate’ version has the full functionality created to maximise success with educating staff on keeping your organisation safe. If you are a sole trader or have limited staff you may want to review the ‘Individual’ version.

  • Full gamification and team competition framework and dashboard
  • Team and individual participant champion openly reported on the dashboard
  • The course structured over an eight-month period, with fortnightly quizzes and queries
  • Complete course content and learning activities
  • Governance reporting and recommendations
  • All modules, quizzes, and queries available
  • Live status reporting on engagement and completion
  • Organisational final assessment at the completion of the eighth-month programme
  • Programme content is editable to suit specific business responses or expectations
  • Whole modules and Q2s can be developed to meet specific industry security requirements
  • Certification at the successful completion of the course

Individual Version

CySEP has developed an Individual version for anyone who would like to either experience the programme for their organisation or complete the course for sole traders or small businesses. The ‘Individual’ version has the entire course content available, and the course can be completed in your own time.

  • Course completion at your own timeframes
  • Complete course content and learning activities
  • All modules, quizzes, and queries available
  • Certification at the successful completion of the course


ONLY AU$175 $22 per person for the entire course!
*Approx. NZ$ equivalent is $24 including GST


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