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Security Education Program

CySEP is the most cost effective, affordable & engaging cyber security training platform around.

CySEP is designed to educate everyone, from individuals through to large organisations. CySEP covers all aspects of security, addressing threats and vulnerabilities that result from a lack security awareness and education. The best investment in your business security you'll ever make.

Industry Leading

CySEP is an industry-leading online education programme. It helps change behavior towards both individual and enterprise security.


CySEP is designed to cater for both query and traditional learning based styles.


CySEP helps protect you against social engineering attacks by teaching you how to recognise and respond to any form of communication, be it email, instant messaging, voice-over, or face-to-face.

Increased Security

CySEP engages, entertains and educates, mitigating risks and increasing security.

Global Standard

CySEP is based on the ISO 27000 family of globally accepted standards and practices.

Corporate Version

CySEP is designed to create a fun and engaging education programme for security. The ‘Corporate’ version has the full functionality created to maximise success with educating staff on keeping your organisation safe. If you are a sole trader or have limited staff you may want to review the ‘Individual’ version.

  • Full gamification and team competition framework and dashboard
  • Team and individual participant champion openly reported on the dashboard
  • The course structured over an eight-month period, with fortnightly quizzes and queries
  • Complete course content and learning activities
  • Governance reporting and recommendations
  • All modules, quizzes, and queries available
  • Live status reporting on engagement and completion
  • Organisational final assessment at the completion of the eighth-month programme
  • Programme content is editable to suit specific business responses or expectations
  • Whole modules and Q2s can be developed to meet specific industry security requirements
  • Certification at the successful completion of the course

Individual Version

CySEP has developed an Individual version for anyone who would like to either experience the programme for their organisation or complete the course for sole traders or small businesses. The ‘Individual’ version has the entire course content available, and the course can be completed in your own time.


  • Course completion at your own timeframes
  • Complete course content and learning activities
  • All modules, quizzes, and queries available
  • Certification at the successful completion of the course


ONLY AU$175 $22 per person for the entire course!
*Approx. NZ$ equivalent is $24 including GST

CySEP Programme Overview

CySEP News

Avoid That USB Stick

Word to the wise: If a stranger ever offers you a random USB stick as a gift, best not to take it. #USB#malware https://gizmodo.com/hackers-have-been-sending-malware-filled-usb-sticks-to-1848323578

Steps to take as threat level increase | ZDNet

The UK’s security agency has told organizations of the steps to take to beef up their defenses “when the cyber threat is heightened” by zero-day software flaws or geopolitical tensions.  NCSC’s list includes:Check your system patching: Ensure your users’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices are all patched  Verify access controls: Ask staff to ensure that…

Cyberattacks on US schools increasing amid reliance on technology | Cybersecurity News | Al Jazeera

Starting last year, when many schools were more dependent on technology in order to conduct virtual learning due to pandemic shutdowns, several high-profile incidents were reported, leading school officials to scramble to recover data or even manually wipe all laptops. #Cybersecurity#education#onlinelearning#malware https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/31/cyberattacks-on-us-schools-increasing-amid-reliance-on-technology

Ransomware: Over half of attacks are targeting these three industries | ZDNet

Over half of ransomware attacks are targeting one of three industries; banking, utilities and retail, according to analysis by cybersecurity researchers – but they’ve also warned that all industries are at risk from attacks. Get your people educated! #ransomware#cybersecurity zdnet.com/article/ransomware-over-half-of-attacks-are-targeting-these-three-industries/

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